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Determined to prove she’s the right woman for the promotion she received, Mya North will have to make a tough decision.
The hard part about it is that decision concerns her smoking hot new client, Alex Hoyt, who just so happens to be one of her sexy neighbors. The moment these two run into each other, their lives become intertwined, but the only twining Alex wants is the one that includes tangled limbs in the bedroom. He’s not interested in anything more while still dealing with a vindictive ex-wife and an ugly divorce.

Little does he know that Mya will quickly prove to be more than he expected and that he might get everything his Angel promised him and much more—including a significant invasion of his privacy.

Will Alex be able to forgive Mya for her betrayal? Will Mya win over Alex with her explanation, or will her broken angel wings be the only thing he can see now?

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CEO Heath Cliff, son of a billionaire real estate mogul, needs a getaway from his father and the paparazzi. His father has given him an ultimatum. Marry or lose control of the family business. Heath escapes to a cottage in a small Illinois town.

Zoe needs a vacation from her busy low-paying job and the memories of her ex-fiancé. She books a weekend at a cottage and prepares for a weekend of relaxation.

Little do they know, they booked the same cottage for the same weekend.

The two spend a night of passion together, and Zoe excites Heath more than any woman he’s ever been with. However, they can’t be together. He has to forget about her and focus on his family issues.

Heath finds it hard to forget about her… then he learns that their night of passion has shocking consequences.

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From the dance floor of a New York salsa lounge blooms a romance as intense and passionate as the dance style itself. When Ashley met Sasha, she didn’t realize he would be the one to not only unlock her love for salsa dancing but also turn her life upside down, pushing her to do things she’d never thought she would do. Through trials of jealousy and lies, Ashley and Sasha navigate a new relationship in this sexy tale of love, lust, and life.

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What happens when your best friend’s boyfriend moves in down the hall and wants to play naughty neighbors?

Shelby Whitmore is a strong-willed woman who runs a busy interior design business for wealthy clients. When Shelby’s best friend, Diane, introduces her to her boyfriend to get the friends decorating rates, Shelby is inclined to say no. Not because she doesn’t want to help, but because she wants to do more than decorate his apartment, and he is clearly off-limits.

Zeke Waters is moving up in the world, and with that, a new apartment in a prestigious apartment building. When he meets Shelby face to face, he’s determined to have her working in his new home and hopefully working on him.
With the sexual chemistry crackling in the air around them, Zeke and Shelby have difficulty keeping their distance, and these two keep giving in to their erotic desires. But when Diane shows up with news, it could destroy any hope of a future between Zeke and Shelby.

Can Zeke and Shelby find a way to be more than just naughty neighbors, or will their fate be decided with one announcement in the hallway outside of Apartment 2E?


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